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Dental Sealants Online Mini-Course

Dental Sealants are commonly recommended for children. Sealants are a layer of material that can be placed onto a tooth, usually for prevention purposes. This course is meant for parents or soon-to-be parents that are interested in learning more about dental sealants. This course covers both conventional and natural approaches to dental sealants and can help answer commonly asked questions such as:

- What does the sealant procedure look like for my child?

- Are sealants really always necessary?

- What are possible risks/benefits of dental sealants?

- What materials are in sealants?

- What approaches can the dentist take to minimize risk?

Coming SOON!

Dental Children's Book

Having a cavity or a sealant placed by a dentist can sometimes be scary for children, but I believe it doesn't have to be that way! After working with many children, I have found that by making the experience fun, interactive and magical, children have a better experience and even want to come back again! My book explains common tools that dentists use for cavities/fillings/sealants in a magical way. After reading the book, children are actually EXCITED to meet all of the tools and go to the dentist!

Coming SOON!

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